Our Sustainability Policy

We, as Blue Waters Club, aspire to be a foundation, which can make a difference in our sector by taking the legal legislations as our basis; an establishment, which can practice the requirements of the Quality, Food Safety, and Environmental Management systems with utmost efficiency; and a company, which has adopted the sustainability applications with an assiduous amelioration approach.

Our facility, since the day of its foundation, has been an environmentally conscious facility. In order to be able to continue this awareness, we respect all the legal legislations and administrative regulations in force regarding the environment. We keep the environmental impacts of our wastes under control. We put great emphasis on waste sorting and recycling. We use thrifty equipment and carry out their regular maintenance in order to minimize the energy, oil and water consumption. We pay special attention to raise the environmental consciousness of our employees and to participate in the environmental projects by collaborating with the local authorities.

For us, procuring equal rights to our personnel without any discrimination, organizing activities in order to increase their motivation, providing them the opportunity to express their demands and complaints, organizing regular training programs to increase their quality and environmental consciousness, and their job experience, forging our labor force from the local population in order to contribute to the growth of the local economy are of prime importance.

We aim to; In line with our purchasing policy, support the local economy by purchasing the products and services from the local suppliers as much as possible and respect the relevant legal legislations and requirements in our sector and with a close collaboration with the non-governmental organizations and the local authorities, contribute to the promotion of our region and be a solution partner for the problems of our region, support the sustainability of our regional tourism by offering our guests the samples from our local culture and by informing them about the historical places in our region.

We ensure that our guests can inform us their demands, expectations and needs so that we can offer them service with higher quality. Our objective is to ensure the sustainability of the quality by setting targets for a continuous amelioration of the services we provide and by rendering the quality measurable.

We fully comply with all the relevant legal regulations concerning the Occupational Health and Safety in order to ensure the health and safety of our employees, guests, suppliers, visitors and students, who are receiving their career and occupational trainings. In order to prevent occupational accidents, we strive to increase the knowledge and awareness of our employees with the trainings provided.

We put great effort to protect the children from all kinds of abuses and hazardous substances. We offer trainings to our employees in order to raise their awareness and we ensure that our Human Resources Department inform the local authorities of any suspicious cases and thus prevent possible cases of abuse.

Sustainability Activity Report
Airport Transfer

We provide transportation from Antalya Airport to our hotel.

1 to 3 person Number of Luggage: 2 large + 1 small / 3 adults or 2 adults + 1 child (Passenger Car)
€ 75
4 to 7 person Max. 7 Persons / 1 Child Seat) Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter
€ 100
8 to 9 person Max. 9 Persons / 1 Child Seat) Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter
€ 120
For your transfer request, you can call us or send an e-mail to [email protected].
+90 242 744 06 06
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Person Count 2 Adult / 0 Child
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Person Count 2 Adult / 0 Child
Adult 13+
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